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Jason Spainhour started tattooing in 1995, and has won multiple awards for his work throughout his career. He is considered an expert in his craft and is highly respected in the tattoo industry both locally and abroad. He opened Tried and True Tattoo Company in 2012. His work is made to last and recognized by his saturation in color, attention to detail, and versatility in style. 


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Sarah Davis apprenticed under Jason Spainhour for 3 years before starting her tattoo career at Tried and True in 2017. She enjoys working with both color and black and grey.

Growing up in a family that is rich in fine arts has been a blessing that I am able to share with my clients. This life experience helped me foster a deep sense of respect for a craft that has been around for many centuries. With 30+ years of licensed tattoo experience it is important for me to make each tattoo the best tattoo.

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