Drew Collins started tattooing in 2005 with a main focus is primarily on American Traditional, but also fluid in other styles of tattooing as well. He started his career at Royal Street Tattoo in Alabama.

Madison Loftis started tattooing in 2007, has been published in 30+ magazines, has won multiple awards for her tattoos, and was a contestant on Season 3 of Spike TV's Ink Master. Her work is extremely versatile, but she is often best recognized for her coverups, bold color, black & grey realism, and freehand artistry. 

Our hand selected artists are professional, polite, and always producing quality work for our clients!

Jason Spainhour started tattooing in 1995, and has won multiple awards for his work throughout his career. He is considered an expert in his craft and is highly respected in the tattoo industry both locally and abroad. He opened Tried and True Tattoo Company in (year). His work is made to last and recognized by his saturation in color, attention to detail, and versatility in style. 

Emily Rose started tattooing in 2008. She has also won awards for her work through out her career. Her work is best recognized by her color, attention to detail, and her creative composition of tattoos. 

Kayla Faircloth started tattooing in 2016. She was apprenticed in American Traditional style of tattooing and has a background in acrylic painting. Her black and grey, color, and crisp line work show her love for this art. 

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